Marius Bridge

Indications for the Marius Bridge


The Marius Bridge is indicated for most patients who wear or who will have to wear complete dentures.

  For patients who:
  •  Have lost their natural teeth
  •  Are about to loose their natural teeth, especially on the maxilla
  •  Have low to severe bone resoprtion
  •  Want to avoid a bone graft
  •  Want a bridge with no compromise in terms of
           Access for clearing

  • The Marius is a fixed bridge with a unique, high precision mechanism that allows patients to break it down into two parts for easier access for cleaning or for repairs and/or modifications.
  • Patients can request during treatment a spare Marius in the event of accidental breakage and thus remain functional while their bridge is being repaired and/or modified, even if they are outside their region, or even the country.
  • The Marius is precision machined dental implant-grade titanium (6al-4v eli astm-f136) for maximum safety.

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Marius Bridge