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The Marius Bridge is an approach that makes it possible to treat patients with a fully edentulous maxilla, insufficient lip support, and severe bone loss resulting from the extraction of teeth in years gone by.

Dr. Yvan Fortin D.M.D ( developed the approach in Quebec City (Canada) in 1992, and named it after the first patient (Marius Lessard) to receive a Marius Bridge.

A scientific study in collaboration with a Swedish research team was conducted on the first 45 patients treated with the Marius Bridge. The results, which were published in the journal Implant dentistry and related Research in 2002, provided a solid basis for the benefits and merits of this approach.

Since 1992, over 800 patients have been treated by Dr. Yvan Fortin D.M.D , and over 100 dentists have successfully used the Marius Bridge approach. The original, “home-made” palladium components have given way to machined titanium components, with an 80% improvement in precision.

A second paper, which was published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in January 2008, deals with current approaches for treating the upper jaw and shows that the Marius is one of the top choices. (see publications)

The international launch of the Marius Bridge took place in September 2007. Dentists from clinics across North America have been coming to Quebec City for training to enable them to use this approach to treat their patients. Many others are on a waiting list for training in the months to come.

Numerous laboratories have indicated their interest in becoming accredited in the use of this technology to be able to serve their referring dentists.

A video CD is available as a resource for dental professionals. The CD provides all the necessary information for installing a Marius Bridge, from laboratory to surgery and prosthodontics.

After 16 years of R&D, the Marius is finally available to dental professionals world-wide, and to patients who are looking for the least-invasive treatment possible, a treatment that is safer, with no compromise in terms of esthetics, comfort, or access for cleaning.

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Marius Bridge