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The Marius Implant Bridge

The Marius Implant Bridge: Surgical and
Prosthetic Rehabilitation for the Completely
Edentulous Upper Jaw with Moderate to Severe
Resorption: A 5-Year Retrospective Clinical Study

In a journal of :
Clinical implant dentistry and related research 2002 volume 4 number 2

Yvan Fortin, DDS;* Richard M. Sullivan, DDS; Bo R. Rangert, PhD, MechEng

Restoration of Edentulous Maxilla

Fixed-Prosthetic Implant Restoration of
the Edentulous Maxilla: A Systematic
Pretreatment Evaluation Method

In a journal of (J. oral maxilofac surg 66:112-122, 2008)

Edmond Bedrossian, DDS, FACD, FACOMS,* Richard M. Sullivan, DDS,† Yvan Fortin, DDS,‡ Paulo Malo, DDS,§ and Thomas Indresano, DMD ||

AO abstract 2006

Abstract from Academy of Osseointegration Clinical Innovations 2006

Fortin Y, Sullivan R

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