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Restoration of Edentulous Maxilla


Fixed-Prosthetic Implant Restoration of
the Edentulous Maxilla: A Systematic
Pretreatment Evaluation Method

In a journal of (J. oral maxilofac surg 66:112-122, 2008)

Edmond Bedrossian, DDS, FACD, FACOMS,* Richard M. Sullivan, DDS,† Yvan Fortin, DDS,‡ Paulo Malo, DDS,§ and Thomas Indresano, DMD ||

Potential candidates for implant restoration of the completely edentulous maxilla may be interested in receiving a fixed prosthesis as opposed to a removable overdenture. Multiple surgical approaches are available in order to provide this type of care. Graftless approaches such as the use of tilted implants including the zygomatic implant, allow the surgeon to establish adequate support for a fixed prosthesis without bone grafting. Adjunctive procedures such as sinus grafting, maxillary osteotomies as well as horizontal augmentations are also available for surgeons who may prefer the grafting approach for the reconstruction of this group of patients. The ability to determine early in the consultation process the type of fixed prostheses necessary to provide the best functional and esthetic results is advantageous. This current therapy article examines 3 critical factors; the nature of the patient’s dental condition and whether the residual ridge is visible in both the relaxed lip and smiling state, direct the choice of fixed dental prostheses. The presence or the absence of bone in the 3 radiographic zones, determines whether bone-grafting procedures are necessary to achieve the desired outcome...


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