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Témoignages de patients

  Denis Laquerre
J'ai mon Pont Marius depuis 10 ans et mon principal point d'observation est que ceci m'a permis de retrouver des dents. J'ai également un feeling d'intégrité. Tout ça, sans avoir eu à passer par une greffe osseuse.

  Michel Labrecque
J'ai mon Pont Marius depuis 14 ans et comme j'ai perdu mes dents à l'âge de 15 ans, il me restait peu d'os mais grâce à cette approche, j'ai pu recevoir le traitement sans greffe osseuse et je me sens en confiance avec ces dents.

  Marius Lessard
Je suis un homme d'affaires et un chanteur ténor. Je n'ai jamais accepté d'avoir des prothèses et maintenant, j'ai retrouvé mes dents perdues depuis 16 ans. J'ai été son 1er patient à recevoir ce type de traitement et j'en suis fier.

  Normand Pelletier

Professional testimony - en anglais seulement

After having visited Yvan Fortin's office twice and seeing the implant and prosthetic work performed there, anyone who could learn the surgical and prosthetic techniques recommended would be happy with the results. This is a great service to patients that minimizes the need for most grafting procedures. Without question, the MariusBridge is the most esthetic and stable fixed/removable  prosthesis I have seen so far. It's place in the complete arch restoration is long overdue.
Burton L. Langer, DMD, MS
New York City, NY

The Marius Bridge System as developed by Dr. Fortin has proved to be a great asset in dealing with the moderate to severely resorbed maxilla's without using any type of bone augmentation procedures. His no-nonsense approach to looking at the osseous anatomy of the maxilla reminds me of Dr. Brånemark's ability to "see" what is there. Combine this with the CAD-CAM restorative component and it is a treatment modality we have been waiting for.
Robert H. Ahlstrom, DDS, MS
Associate Professor, University of the Pacific
Director, Implant Clinic
San Francisco, CA

In my 10 years of personal clinical experience utilizing the Marius Bridge techniques, I have found it to be a most predictable and effective solution in the management of the fully edentulous maxilla. It has application in the moderately to severely resorbed upper jaw, and is often my first treatment option in such cases. Patient satisfaction has been excellent.
Kenji W. Higuchi, DDS, MS
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Spokane, WA

Dr. Fortin:
You are to be commended for developing the Marius bridge. A full arch restoration that combines the functionality, stability, and patient acceptance of a fixed restoration with the cleansability and lip support of a removable denture. The patients that I have seen are thrilled that, after years of wearing dentures and experiencing ridge resorption, they can have new teeth with no compromises. Best of all, with the recent addition of precision milled components, the Marius bridge is now available to any dental office. I expect the Marius bridge will soon become standard treatment in progressive dental offices everywhere. The Marius bridge is exactly what many of our maxillary edentulous patients have been wanting for years, and unable to get until now. Our patients appreciate knowing that you have fully tested the Marius bridge in your office for many years to make it predictable and trouble free. Thank you for this important and necessary addition to our treatment options.
Ken Parrish DMD, PhD
Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

The edentulous maxilla presents unique challenges in restoring the function, facial esthetics and phonetics. The Marius Bridge addresses all of these factors and in addition allows for hygiene maintenance and simplifies repairs.
Ken Daniel K. Marinic, D.D.S.
Evanston, IL


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